Anandpur Sahib to get ‘Tallest’ Nishan-e-Khalsa

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Anandpur Sahib to get 'tallest' Nishan-e-Khalsa

Anandpur Sahib (‘white city) of India is set to get the world’s tallest ” Nishan-e-Khalsa (symbol of Khalsa order) this week. According to information its 350th foundation year so the 70-foot engineering of marvel will be installed this week.

A Moga (Punjab)-based engineering firm around six months to manufacture the symbol and the structure is made of corrosion-resistant high quality steel. The total weight if this Structure is around 2700 kg. Anandpur Sahib will host three-day celebrations from June 17 to mark 350th year of its founding . Nishan-e-Khalsa is installed at Panj Pyare Chowk of the town.
The city was founded by ninth Sikh master Guru Teg Bahadur in 1665 while his son, 10th Sikh master Guru Gobind Singh. founded the “Khalsa” at this very place in 1699.

Sukhwinder Singh Grewal, manager of Takht Kesgarh Sahib said ” There are several tall replicas of the Khalsa symbol installed at gurdwaras, but this one would be that tallest one ever installed anywhere in the world outside any gurdwara complex. Religious preacher Sant Tarlok Singh of Tallewal had volunteered to get it manufactured. The structure would be shifted here in parts over the next few days and installed here this week”.

Anandpur Sahib to get 'tallest' Nishan-e-Khalsa

The Prime Minister of india Mr. Narendra Modi is expected to attend the celebrations. Although government officials maintained that the height of the symbol would be around 70 feet. But after instalation of Nishan-e-Khalsa , it would be neat 81 feet which equal to the isze of KHANDA (Sikh emblem) also know as Mukt-e-Minar at Mukatsar.

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