Rehras Sahib

Rehraas is one of the five Banis of Nitnem and is usually recited in the evening. It is a compilation of the Bani of several Gurus. The word Rehraas is a synthesis of two words, rah and raas. Rah is passage and raas is provisions i.e. provisions for the journey of life. This is a collection of nine hymns, four of which are written by Guru Nanak Dev ji, three by Guru Ram Das ji, and two by Guru Arjan Dev ji. All of these hymns are from Guru Granth Saheb. Also included in Rehraas are Chopeyee, one Swayya (verse), and one Dohera (couplet) by Guru Gobind Singh ji, six paurees of Anand Saheb (first five + the last) written by Guru Amar Das ji, and at the end two shabads by Guru Arjan Dev ji.