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Asa-di-war.net is an online virtual community based on Sikhism and for those who interested in the Sikh-way of life. We exist to provide all information based on spiritual education, and non-judgmental resources. Asa-di-war . Our Policy for the Asa-di-war.net is Good News Good Will. We only focus on universal, unity, inspiration, and neutral. We avoid Posting news that's negative in nature, such as Political news or other controversial information. Our all information on the website is based on what can inspire us to be more spiritual human beings rather than on controversy and politics. Asa-di-war.net project taken by Sikh Community of New Jersey (USA) to have a platform for Sikhs living in the USA and around the Seven Sea world for sharing their experience with others. We do not want to be a group community, we want to explore Sikhism worldwide. So, please support this site by sending the links to others and contributing by articles or stories which might be of interest to others. Also email us at navneetsinghnj@gmail.com to submit any Kirtan, Gurbani, Gurudwara sahib event, Kirtan samagam.

Upcoming Events

Asa Di War Kirtan programs are held on Sunday Mornings. Asa Di Var Satsang group was formed in 1999 by few Sikh Families in Edison, New Jersey to perform Asa Di Var kirtan by Sadh Sangat themselves at the residence of the group members on request basis. Since then, Asa Di Var kirtan is being held every Sunday Morning followed by Prasad and Guru ka Langar.

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