The Power Behind Kindness: Balpreet Kaur at TEDxOhioStateUniversity

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Balpreet Kaur is a first-generation sophomore at the Ohio State University where she is studying both Neuroscience and International Development. She hopes to continue on to medical school to become a neurosurgeon, research the effect of social stigma on the progression of mental disorder in developing countries, and hopefully open a few free clinics in Africa. At OSU she is part of the executive board of the Better Together team, president of the Sikh Student Association, and a Humanities Scholar. Being inspired by the tenents of universal love and service in Sikhism, she aspires to learn about the human condition and, one day, save the world — one step at a time. Her turban and faith inspire her to be different and to initiate dialogue with others. She finds herself reading everything and anything in her spare time, meditating, baking vegan desserts, and thinking about the profundities of life.

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