The Beloved Five Panj Pyare (ਪੰਜ ਪਿਆਰੇ)

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Beloved Ones (Panj Piare) was one such method to gave decision making in the hands of the people by the Gurus. The number five was selected as a representative number when the Sikhs were in large numbers. Everyone was considered equal. The Gurus appointed the five beloved ones from amongst the people who could guide not only the people on the lines laid down by the Guru but also who could even correct the Gurus when the decision was difficult or likely to be tilted. They were close to the Guru not only physically but also spiritually and had nearly the same saintly powers as that of the Guru. One thing was essential however that is, they must be the followers of the Gurus. All the Gurus are stated to be following this tradition.

The five Sikh men,Bhai Daya Singh, Bhai Dharam Singh, Bhai Himmat Singh, Bhai Mohkam Singh and Bhai Sahib Singh by Guru Gobind Singh at the historic divan at Anandpur Sahib on 30 March 1699.

These traditions set by Guru Gobind Singh have been followed thereafter to-date and have been included in Sikh Rehat Maryada adopted by Shiromani Grudwara Parbandhak Committee on 3-2-1945.

  • The names of Panj Piaras is included in the Prayer of the Sikhs.
  • The parsad is first given to Panj Piaras and then to the sangat.
  • Amrit can be imparted by Panj Piare only. One of the Panj Piare explains the tenets of Sikhism before the Amrit is imparted.
  • Only Panj Piare give the Moolmantra and beej Mantra Wahiguru to the person taking pahul.
  • Only Panj Piaras are authorised to declare punishment to the non-followers of Sikh tenets. They also are authorised to excuse any one on completion of punishment.

The names of ‘the beloved ones’ accepted by the Gurus are as under:


Family of lovedone

The Panj Piara tradition has been regularly followed in Sikhism thereafter and decision making or leading the Sikhs in times of trouble or otherwise became the key charter of the Panj Piaras in addition to performing the ceremony of imparting Amrit to Sikhs as per Sikh Rehat Maryada. Religion is a matter of faith and not so much of a reason.

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