Sikh Group Adopt Entire Village in Maharashtra and Helps 25 Drought-Hit Families

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Members of Maharashtra Sikh Association group have extended their support to many families affected by the draught in Latur district of Maharashtra. The Group decided to adopt an entire village in Marathwada – often looked at as India’s emerging farmer suicide capital, DNA reports.

The members visited many places in Marathwada and saw the plight of draught-affected farmers in the region. The situation is quite grim and they realised that an immediate  involvement was required to help 25 of the families there.

Mal Malkit Singh, spokesperson of Maharashtra Sikh Association told DNA ,” We went to Marathwada and visited many places. We immediately extended monetary help to the 25 drought-affected farmers “.

While announcing to adopt a village, Singh said their focus is to keep drought-ravaged families alive and provided them necessary financial support.

“In 2014 alone, about 422 farmers in the region committed suicide. Farmers are the backbone of our economy. We have to help and save them. ” Singh added.

A few days ago, one girl in Marathwada committed suicide for the lack of money to buy a monthly pass for a government bus. The Sikh Association decided to take care of her sister’s education. If she wants to go abroad we are ready to fund her education.

“We want to focus on sustainable development. As a part of the adoption we will build check dams so that particular villages do not face water shortage in the summer,” he said.

Currently, the group is hoping that other people will also follow their path.The effort comes at a time when almost 80% of the state is facing a drought with more than 600 farmers already committing suicide this year.

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