Bhai Sahib Malkit Singh Ji Batala Wale Passes Away While Doing Kirtan in NY

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Well known Kirtaniye Bhai Malkit Singh Ji Batala Wale passed away while doing kirtan at Sikh Cultural Society Gurdwara Sahib in Richmond Hill, NY. The blessed GurSikh left his physical form while singing gurbani.

It can be seen in the video that Bhai Malkit Singh Ji seem to have started feeling some symptoms of a heart attack about a minute before. Medical professionals from the Sangat rushed to provide assistance while an ambulance arrived on the scene. Bhai Malkit Singh Ji suffered from a massive heart attack.Bhai Malkit Singh Batala wale breathe their last breath while doing kirtan on stage @5.40. What a way to go in Maharaj charan.

Raagi ji was singing this shabad upon releasing his prana and gone sachkhand in Maharaj Hazoori

apunae t(h)aakur kee ho chaeree ||
I am the hand-maiden of my Lord and Master. 

charan gehae jagajeevan prabh kae houmai maar nibaeree ||1|| rehaao ||
I have grasped the Feet of God, the Life of the world. He has killed and eradicated my egotism. ||1||

pooran param joth paramaesar preetham praan hamaarae ||
He is the Perfect, Supreme Light, the Supreme Lord God, my Beloved, my Breath of Life.

mohan mohi leeaa man maeraa samajhas sabadh beechaarae ||1||
The Fascinating Lord has fascinated my mind; contemplating the Word of the Shabad, I have come to understand. ||1||

manamukh heen hoshhee math jhoot(h)ee man than peer sareerae ||
The worthless self-willed manmukh, with false and shallow understanding - his mind and body are held in pain's grip.

jab kee raam ra(n)geelai raathee raam japath man dhheerae ||2||
Since I came to be imbued with the Love of my Beautiful Lord, I meditate on the Lord, and my mind is encouraged. ||2||

houmai shhodd bhee bairaagan thab saachee surath samaanee ||
Abandoning egotism, I have become detached. And now, I absorb true intuitive understanding.

akul nira(n)jan sio man maaniaa bisaree laaj luokaanee ||3||
The mind is pleased and appeased by the Pure, Immaculate Lord; the opinions of other people are irrelevant. ||3||

bhoor bhavikh naahee thum jaisae maerae preetham praan adhhaaraa ||
There is no other like You, in the past or in the future, O my Beloved, my Breath of Life, my Support.

har kai naam rathee sohaagan naanak raam bhathaaraa ||4||1||
The soul-bride is imbued with the Name of the Lord; O Nanak, the Lord is her Husband. ||4||1||

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